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Ayurveda Clinical Yoga Centre for Yoga Meditation

Yoga is union of body, breath, mind, intelligence and soul. Irrespective of ideological differences all medical systems accept and emphasize the psycho-somatic involvement in wellness and illness. Yoga prophesized by sage Patanjali and regarded as one of the Shatdarshanas helps in promoting wellness and accelerating cure in illness. The principle is practically and scientifically deployed at Jeevaniyam Clinical Yoga Meditation Centre to treat chronic somatic ailments and psychological problems.

ayurveda clinical yoga centre in kochi, ernakulam

Yoga aligns the physiology of the body at all levels. Aided by Ayurveda treatments Yoga is very efficient in correcting the imbalance and restoring a healthy equilibrium in the individual. This helps in better performance of medicines and treatments. Patients who are chronically suffering from various diseases like diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, cholesterol issues, hormonal problems, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, asthma, stress, anxiety, migraine, Joint Problems, back ache and other clinical conditions find convincing results by practicing the clinical therapeutic yoga offered at Jeevaniyam Clinical Yoga and Research Centre.

Trained and qualified yoga practitioners join hands with experienced Ayurveda Doctors of Jeevaniyam Clinical Yoga Meditation Centre for designing the Clinical Yoga modules which are systematically taught through simple and effective techniques like breathing, relaxation, meditation and yoga postures. Diet counselling, Reflexology and Ayurveda Abhyanga Therapies also are part of Clinical Yoga Programs.

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Authored by Dr. Reshmi Pramod
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Litty my daughter aged 13 is undergoing Ayurveda treatments for hyperactivity, sleep problem etc. After 14 days of treatment found remarkable changes in hyperactivity and behavioral issues.

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