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Stroke Rehabilitation : Jeevaniyam The Ultimate Destination

Date: 2018-08-02

Stroke is one of the uprising disease conditions among the people today. In this medical condition the brain tissues are affected. Stroke can be of 2 types.

Ischemic stroke- The stroke in which, the blood vessels get blocked due to the deposition of plaque, causing clots. This can block blood flow to the brain cells.

Hemorrhagic stroke- The stroke in which the blood vessels from or to the brain can break, spreading the blood to the tissues. This can occur due to the high blood pressure or thinning of the blood vessels.

Following a stroke, partial or full paralysis is quite common and it requires immense care and support for the patient to recover. At times, stroke paralysis management is tedious and Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Centre gains importance here, being the best Stroke rehabilitation centre in Kochi.

Stroke can cause speech impairment, numbness, memory loss, disability in coordination, paralysis, or even a coma stage. Proper care and treatment have to be given to recover from stroke and regain the balance of life. Ayurveda aims at dissolving the blood clot that has occurred in the brain as the first step towards curing stroke After it has been dissolved, the vata delocalises from the affected area, still the harsh effects of stroke pertains. Stroke rehabilitation can bring out fruitful outcomes, helping to regain the lost abilities and skills.

Jeevaniyam helps the patient to recover through the internal medications along with the external medical therapies that help to reshape and to rejuvenate the weakened muscles and tendons. Medicated herbal oils, prepared by the detailed research studies are used for Abhyanga, Pizhichil etc. Healthy diet according to the medical condition of the patient is maintained. In advanced developmental stages of stroke recovery, specific yoga asanas are also included in the rehabilitation phase. Physiotherapy in combination with Ayurveda supplements and Ayurveda treatments also have found great success in stroke rehabilitation. Mental exercises to regain the lost memory and to improve the logical skills would be the next step.

Jeevaniyam Stroke rehabilitation procedure is an acute and chronic reach out for the patients to regain their mental and physical stability after the stroke. Jeevaniyam is known as the best stroke rehabilitation centre in Kochi. We, at Jeevaniyam beholding the best Ayurveda treatment for stroke in Kerala, treats you with the best of care and support to find the ultimate success, helping your dear one’s recovery from the scorching effects of stroke!

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Authored by Dr. Reshmi Pramod
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