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The Rising apprehension of Diabetes: “Ayurveda is the Key”

Date: 17/12/2018

People today often run around, being busy building their own empires and pride towers. And no one gets time, or never spares time for themselves. Well, this is putting us in a serious condition where we don’t ever give importance to our health and haleness. Lifestyle diseases are one such affliction reasoning for more than 61% of the deaths in our country. Lifestyle diseases, left unconcerned become one of the major reasons for the increasing death toll when they could have been controlled effectively with no effort. Diabetes is the major lifestyle metabolic disease affecting the most among the others. Not to worry, for Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospitals and Research Centre render the best Ayurveda treatment for lifestyle diseases in Kochi.

Ayurveda treatment for lifestyle diseases in Kochi

Diabetes relates to the condition of Madhumeha defined in Ayurveda, where the body finds it difficult to produce enough insulin, thereby increasing the blood sugar content. This condition, in the long run, can bring in hazardous effects to the other internal organs like kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, eyes etc. In effect, it can affect almost all of the organs if left untreated. The different levels of diabetes include Type-1 due to genetic problems, Type-2 due to lifestyle, or any other specific diabetes due to any other reasons like diseases of pancreas, drugs etc.

Diabetes is always a silent killer as the symptoms they produce might be subtle like frequent urination, increased hunger, thirst, sores that do not heal etc. And the further complications can even be life-threatening. So, it is always wise and sensible to avoid the circumstances that can bring in the condition of diabetes. Early treatments can save the life of the patient and diabetes is not be scared of. Proper lifestyle with regular exercises, proper diet can channel them in the right way.

Ayurveda treatment for lifestyle diseases in Kochi

Ayurveda treatment for diabetes includes the proper diet, exercise, and an ordered way of life. Many ayurvedia herbs have found to have the qualities to reduce the sugar level in blood. Along with these, procedures which cleanse the body for detoxification are also used to reduce the toxic level in the body. Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre takes the care to provide the proper guidance and care you need in controlling your diabetes and to maintain the perfect lifestyle.


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Authored by Dr. Reshmi Pramod
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