Jeevaniyam Centre for Learning Disorders

When a parent notices his child beginning to show a disinterest in his studies and other related activities, they experience a sense of helplessness. Here begins a walk through a whole new hitherto unchartered territory of “Learning Disorders”. The pressure is just as high on the child. He experiences an unexplained mental phenomenon which expands to his persona. Facing ridicule, ire and ostracizing from his peer group and teachers, he teeters on the brink.  .

At Jeevaniyam’s Centre for Learning Disorders, a unique approach is adopted to enable the child to understand, learn from and adapt to his problem, thus not only help him his lost sense of self, but move on in a positive manner.

An holistic approach of Ayurveda ,psychology & yoga is followed at Jeevaniyam to ensure optimum use of the child’s faculties. An understanding through clinical psychology helps to establish the necessary parameters. These could include an optimum inability to: read, write, reason, recall or the skill to organize. Jeevaniyam has successfully treated children with learning disorders, thus enabling them to not only integrate themselves into their respective environments, but create their individual identities.

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